About Africa Giving

Africa Giving raises the visibility of African Non-Profits leading change on the continent of Africa and links them up with potential givers. The platform aims to match individual givers on the African continent and in the diaspora - to organisations working on an initiative/cause that they are interested in. Our endeavour is to ease the contribution of individual givers towards Africa’s transformation.

Many within the continent and abroad, envision a day when every citizen in Africa, is living an equitable and dignified life. Africa Giving, (a brainchild of SIVIO Institute) profiles organisations that are established Non-Profits and those who have historically not been able to access funding due to their size and limited exposure. Those who are looking for a trusted and easy way to give, can now easily discover, review and connect to African organisations and causes.

The Africa Giving platform, wants to ensure two things when it comes to promoting giving in Africa:

Trust: Before organisations are listed on Africa Giving, they are verified to have non-profit status in the country they are operating in. Once an organisation qualifies and is listed, the platform allows interested parties to browse based on their preferences.

Ease of giving: Potential givers have a simple 3-step process to follow, supported by a globally trusted payment gateway (DPO), to facilitate their transaction. The Africa Giving team will acknowledge receipt of the donation with the individual giver and the selected organisations.

Should you have any questions or concerns, also feel free to send us a message on our contact page

. We look forward to the day when we all look back, see how far we have come, and celebrate the combined effort we chose to take today, to contribute towards a transformed Africa.

How to give

Step 1

Find an organisation Filter by region, country or thematic area

Step 2

Click and explore their full profile to learn more

Step 3

Click give. Enter details and complete DPO payment process

How to join

Step 1

If you a registered not-for-profit organisation operating in Africa?

Step 2

Submit the application form on the website with as much information as possible

Step 3

Sign a MOU with SIVIO Institute to ensure transparency & accountability

Trustworthiness of Africa Giving

Africa Giving makes use of DPO Group which is a payment gateway that has been operating in Africa for more than 15 years. DPO will ensure that all transactions made using the Africa Giving undergo fraud detection tests and are protected using 3D encryption.

SIVIO Institute is committed to disbursing the funds to respective organisaiton within 72 hrs unless the organisation requests otherwise. All givers will be receipted upon successful transaction and the respective organisation will be notified.

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