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Mambepa Chisenga

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+260 974 874 123

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FDC is a Child Advocacy and Service community-based organization promoting Women's and girls’ rights for disability-inclusive. FDC since,2003 has been facilitating the transformation of communities to experience equality and equity which themselves actively participate in shaping. In the last 20 years, FDC children and young people have played a critical role in addressing and mitigating the act of HIV and AIDS, Gender Inequality, and gender-based violence effects on Children through, promoting good governance, Human rights, advocacy, policy engagement, and building partnerships. FDC further, advances children's rights and equality for girls. FDC strives for a just world, working together with children, young people, targeted communities, and partners. FDC firmly believe children and young people are essential stakeholders for promotion of human rights, democracy, peace and cooperation in Zambia.
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