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The Yellow Bus Trust was born of a desire to reach out to Rural schools and enhance the education given there by providing resources such as stationery, text books, science experiments and access to computers. The Ministry of Education gave us permission to start a pilot scheme at Marikope Secondary school in Seki. We did a visit and familarised ourselves with the situation on the ground. We also visited the Marikope Primary school and the ECD classes. So began a journey that would take us to over 14 schools, informal learning centres, and ECDs in Seki, Goromonzi, Hatcliff, Hopley, Epworth, Mazowe, Beatrice, Shamva and Bulawayo. We quickly realized that resources were not the only things needed. We started running workshops for staff development in a wide range of areas. We run these workshops for schools in a cluster, or in Harare at a central venue. We have also run workshops on making educational prompts out of recyclable materials, how to make knee trays for desks, where they are none. I have gone back to old technology and made simple duplicators out of jelly. Harare private Schols have gifted us with text books, worksheets and other resources which we have been able to distribute. We have started libraries and contributed to existing libraries. We have distributed sports equipment and run training sessions . We also started a simple education program for long term patients at CURE Hospital in Bulawayo. We have made up Christmas boxes for ECDs with craft materials. We have also taught classes and helped pupils with revision at informal study groups. In 2018/19 we started interacting with children living on the streets in Harare. We simply went to Africa Unity Square and spread out some plastic and waited! We soon attracted a motley crew to whom we taught simple maths and reading. We then moved across to The Anglican Cathedral, and expanded. What we were basically doing was giving young people a safe, loving space for a couple of hours three times a week. We did English, maths and arts and crafts. Finally we moved to some rented offices and expanded our remit to include sexual health, and start ups of small businesses. Then Covid struck, we had to close the offices and we lost track of our pupils, although I have started up the outreach again, it has never been the same. The explosion of drugs on the streets, and periodic rounding up of vagrants has all impacted the willingness of young people to come to lessons.
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